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The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) sectors are the cornerstone of our economy – today and for the future. With rapid growth and a strong shift towards more employment opportunities within these areas, the digital revolution is well and truly underway.

This is why we need to equip a digitally savvy workforce for the future. And this workforce must be gender balanced to deliver the best results for everyone.

Women in tech today

Women in Tech (APD)

Only 15% of Engineering graduates are female, 19% for Computer Studies. However, positively, more female students are enrolling in computing courses (up 34% compared with only a 1.3% increase last year), although girls still only make up 10% of students taking the subject. In the workplace, less than 2 in 10 members of the STEM workforce in the UK are female, and only less than 1 in 10 senior tech roles are fulfilled by women (Tech UK, 2017).

At APD, we’re passionate about rebalancing this gender difference.

And we certainly don’t conform to national averages when it comes to our women in tech.

  • 25% of our employees are women, compared with the national average of 13% across the STEM sectors.

  • 57% of our management team are female - nationally, only 9% of senior tech roles are filled by women.

Here at APD, our women in tech work in a variety of roles. From the development of software and hardware to Customer Support, HR and Marketing and Finance roles, we all speak the language and benefit from the exciting opportunities in this fantastic digital sector.

We’re normal, real women who love a challenge and want to build the digital economy.


Could you be our next woman in tech? 

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