Lead Engineer

GWAG Specification

Are you a true Development Geek looking for the next step up in your career? Already at the top of your game in software development, you will have a fundamental understanding of the complex relationships amongst relevant system components, but you will also have a flair for getting the best out of your fellow developers. With a highly technical mind, you possess an aptitude for architecting complex products that have solid foundations, are scalable, and can be relied upon to build bigger and better software. 
A natural motivator that commands the respect of the Dev team, you will possess an ability to organize and instruct the team, to remain focused on achieving their sprint goals, and where possible increase velocity.
Above all you will be a complete ‘Tech Geek’, passionate about AI, machine learning, augmented reality, with a deep desire to use and integrate these emerging technologies to achieve business goals, as well as being passionate about technology being utilised to save lives.

The Role

To lead, support and inspire a team of talented software engineer’s in conjunction with the Development Delivery Manager. To work closely with the Product Delivery Manager and Product Owners to oversee and influence the overall design and architecture of a specific area of development.

Organisational Reporting

Reports to the Development Delivery Manager, with a ‘dotted line’ to the Product Delivery Manager.  


This role is based at our offices situated on the Newlands Science Park, nestled within the vibrant University campus.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Be involved in the design, construction and implementation of a core product that is elegant, simple and satisfies our customer requirements. This applies to new products, issue resolution and general enhancements.
  • Produce comprehensive technical documentation relating to the architecture of our products, ensuring they are kept up to date. 
  • Produce a documented API that all engineers can utilise/ interact with easily. 
  • Fully participate in all aspects of planning, scheduling and estimating of work, adhering to an Agile Methodology. 
  • Understand the direction of the business and the future trajectory of our products, to be able to research and apply new resources, tools and training for Developers in agreement with the team and managers.
  • Interact with customers as and when required in a manner that instills confidence in our products, our people and our business. 
  • Interact with Key Suppliers and Partners to ensure the entire solution works seamlessly. Help to build robust industry relationships.
  • Liaise with key stakeholders involved in specifying, selling, buying, supporting, installing and maintaining the product as to help facilitate smooth transitions through our various departments and processes. 
  • Work closely with SQA team to facilitate the timely release of new or modified systems and products. 
  • Continually observe and assess the strengths of the development team, to encourage them to work in the best possible way, and enable the department to achieve their goals.
  • Mentor and support new members and junior members of the team, assisting with the onboarding process.
  • Provide a voice for everyone in the team, ensuring that everyone is given the chance to be heard.  Fly the flag for Development!
  • Work in a busy and sometimes pressured environment, with a calm head, offering solutions to problems that may arise. 
  • Lead the developers, ensure process and practices are implemented, making changes and improvements to these processes and practices as and when required. Champion best practice and challenge the status quo.
  • Communicate the vision of the products to the development team in line with the balanced business plan. 
  • Foster and spread good will, within the department and through out the business. Help to build bridges and encourage motivation. 
  • Continual professional development – must continually strive to improve their already impressive skillset – keeping abreast of developing new technologies and industry excellence. 
  • Build excellent interdepartmental relationships, with key stakeholders including management, product owners, developers and SQA Engineers.

Skills and Experience


  • Proficient in C#.
  • Expert in software design practices. Proven ability to take technical lead when planning for/ creating/ improving products.
  • Excellent project planning and schedule estimating skills.
  • Excellent working knowledge of internet and database technologies.
  • Good working knowledge of Windows and Linux technologies
  • In-depth understanding of cross platform issues.
  • Fundamental understanding of the complex relationships amongst relevant system components (such as operating systems, communications systems, databases, online/ offline access, security, hardware etc…).
  • Proven experience of producing two or more complex designs or technologies.
  • Proven experience of fostering excellent working relationships with both internal stakeholders and external partners.
  • Experience of interacting directly with customers.
  • Experience of mentoring new starters/ junior employees.
  • Ability to work well under pressure.
  • Ability to offer creative solutions when faced with challenging problems.
  • Must possess a positive and enthusiastic outlook. Naturally self-motivated.
  • Must possess an analytical approach identifying strengths and weakness and mapping the best course of action. This can be applied to people, products and processes.
  •  Must be able to demonstrate a commitment to continued personal development.
  • Computer science degree, or ability to demonstrate high level of industry/ relevant experience in coding/ programming.
  • Ability to pass NPPV3 and SC Police vetting (all offers of employment are conditional on this vetting being passed).
  • Experience of Scrum / Agile.

Desirable, but not essential

  • Experience in a lead or supervisory capacity.
  • Experience of leading / supporting a team of direct reports. Able to demonstrate a firm but fair approach to management.
  • Experience of using / implementing TFS.
  • Experience of contributing to a business outside of the normal parameters of a software developer.
  • Be a charted engineer, or be willing to work towards chartered status.

To apply for this role, please email careers@apdcomms.com.

Here at APD we employ Geeks with Goals. We are looking for someone with passion for what they do. Someone who is independent, driven and self-motivated with a flexible attitude and committed to contributing to APD’s growth.