Training Consultant

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Due to the nature of this role, this is more of a person specification that a job description. It is crucial for this role that we recruit a person and not a skill set. 

Key Duties

  • The individual will display a level of enthusiasm for our products and customers, which cannot be rivalled.  Comfortable with technology.  They will be an incredible thinker and problem solver.  They will be outgoing and full of energy.  Wiling to travel and stay away a lot, at least initially, they will fill their own diary with dates for training and consultancy. 
  • They will automate as much of the training delivery as possible.  Creating training tools for self-service.  Creating training aids that the customer will use as their internal Holy Grail for all new starters and for refreshing existing staff.
  • They will naturally get the customer upgraded to new levels, just by suggesting new features that have been released that they can use.
  • They will understand and suggest improvements to the processes and procedures, where required feeding in to their processes or our products – suggestions for improvement such as functionality that customers desire.
  • They will gain permission for case studies and will generate excellent word of mouth recommendations to help drive a positive view of the APD brand.
  • They will get the tools and support they need to create excellence.  They will have access to Webex – for remote sessions and webinars, they will have access to creative companies – to create interactive training content, they will have autonomy over their area – to the extent that they are creating the right feedback.
  • They will help identify and drive business benefits, right down to the process level and will become an extension to our customer, feeling to them like a free employee that adds massive value.
  • This role is not a bureaucratic one.  It is an energetic role, dynamic, requiring brain power, lean thinking, automation, understanding of technology, passion for emergency services, and an absolute desire to make things a MILLION times better for everyone.
  • This is a unique role where someone will make a BIG difference – as such we are looking for a person rather than a set of skills.
  • They will be driven, caring, love teaching, love learning from customers, see 1st class service as second nature, be passionate about the use of technology to improve everything, see the value in automation, be a 1st class problem solver, be able to deliver fast, want to have an impact, do meaningful work, build something amazing, make the role their own, be a learner, reading, listening to audiobooks, hunting for best practice, be able to take something complex and make it idiotically simple, be a do-er, think deeply and act fast.
  • They could be a teacher looking for an exciting career.  An amazing graduate.  A salesperson with a desire to delight the customer time and again.  A consultant.  But they must be a Geek With A Goal. 

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