Sector specific solutions

Our experience covers both the public and private sector. We deliver solutions that meet organisations' goals of delivering high levels of customer service, reducing budgets and keeping up to date with the latest technology or government regulations.

Below are just some of the sectors that we work with. Here you can find out what technology we use and also take a look at some of the companies and organisations we already work with.



Cortex is the perfect all-in-one solution to help airports maintain and improve efficiency.


Emergency Services

We work with a range of emergency service providers across police forces, fire and rescue, and ambulance trusts, helping them to preserve and protect society.

MOD sector

Ministry of Defence 

Creating technology that helps protect and preserve society is what we do. Naturally this translates that our products can help with military operations and fleet management.        


Working in partnership with Motorola our technology is powering the London Underground's communications network and enabling the exchange of real-time information between trains, stations and depots.