Sector specific solutions

Our experience covers both the public and private sector. We deliver solutions that meet organisations' goals of delivering high levels of customer service, reducing budgets and keeping up to date with the latest technology or government regulations.



Our ICCS, Integrated Communication Control System - Cortex has the ability to listen to Air Traffic Control and to communicate with remote ground staff, which helps improves efficiency and helps maintain the safety and high standards of the team. 

Emergency Services

Our ICCS, Integrated Communication Control System - Cortex along with feature enhancing software such as Aspire and Artemis are used by Emergency Services throughout Europe, with over 70% of UK police forces using APD Technology. 

MOD sector

Ministry of Defence 

Military operations and fleet management are managed seamlessly and securely on our robust infrastructure. ICCS, Integrated Communication Control System brings radio, telephony, CCTV and more together in any location. 

Transport sector.jpg


With Control Room and on-board technology enabling voice and data communication allows real-time information exchange between trains, stations and depots. Our technology is powering the London Underground's communications network.