With preparations for the transition to the Emergency Services Network (ESN) fully underway, we are fully committed to ensuring our customers are completely ready for ESN.


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The UK government have set up the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP) to replace the current TETRA network, supplied by Airwave, with a new mobile communications network called ESN. ESN has been chosen to replace Airwave because:

  • it makes high-speed data more readily available to the Emergency Services to help them improve their services
  • it allows for more capability and flexibility to make the most of new technologies
  • it's more cost effective

The current Airwave network is being replaced as it is costly and predominantly a voice network, whereas ESN will act as a cross-agency communications network with both data and voice functionality. The proposed network is recognised as being the most advanced in the World and will meet the growing data requirements of the emergency services, which will exceed the capabilities of TETRA Enhanced Data Services.


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And it's Ready for ESN.

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And it's Ready for ESN. 


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