Meet Nimbus | Cloud Aided Dispatch

Nimbus from RapidDeploy is a cloud-aided dispatch platform, rich in location-based features and interfaces, easy to deploy and affordable for control rooms of all sizes. Perfectly integrated with your communications software from APD.

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Nimbus is changing how we dispatch and is leading the way in control rooms around the world. Having become thoroughly established across the USA and in its home country of South Africa, we’ve brought Nimbus to Europe.

Built by first responders using Microsoft Azure Government Cloud architecture, it provides mission critical reliability, cybersecurity and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence capabilities. We’ve brought together our revolutionary communications software with this cutting-edge cloud-aided dispatch solution. Fully integrated, it’s available right now.

Why choose cloud-aided dispatch for your control room?

The future of public safety is in the cloud. RapidDeploy’s Nimbus CAD perfectly complements our Cortex communications control system to reduce response times for all and improve first responder safety by increasing situational awareness.

It’s a new species of Cloud Aided Dispatch (CAD) technology that is completely different from other CAD systems. It uses advanced telematics and a web-based html5-cloud hosted interface that creates a full electronic ecosystem, giving users complete control of their system end-to-end in real-time to increase situational awareness and save lives.

Here’s just a snapshot of what you’ll get with the Nimbus CAD in your control room.

  • Live video stream from the scene

  • Advanced location information

  • Two-way texting and real-time language translations

  • Real-time weather and traffic incident feeds overlaid onto maps

  • Drive-time polygons with real-time traffic, live ETA predictions, point-and-click and command line, tactical grids and boards, and configurable response plans

  • Advanced telematics, mobile and MDC apps, and real-time AVL from devices and applications for responders

  • Geographic mapping of historic incident distribution reports and analytics

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“RapidDeploy built their CAD from scratch without using legacy technology or theories – as a hosted system. This allowed them to create an ever-evolving, feature-rich product using the most current technology that seamlessly integrates with other IP technologies – at a fraction of the cost of a traditional CAD. It answers the question ‘if Google can do it, why can’t Public Safety?’ Even if you aren’t in the market for a CAD, this is worth a look. It is the future of CAD.”

Sally Lawrence
Sarasota 9-1-1 Coordinator
Florida State 9-1-1 Coordinators Group Chair since 2010

Cloud aided dispatch supports everyone involved in the emergency response


Call Takers

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Call takers benefit from the world-wide only ProQA Titanium integration, which is best-in-class tactical mapping with supplemental location sources. The operator also gets never-experienced-before situational awareness tools such as two-way texting and live video streaming with callers and responders using AI-powered real-time language translation.


Dispatchers can organise incidents in their control using highly-configurable tactical grids and boards for fast response. They are equipped with tools that enable them to choose the best response and prioritise resources using ETA predictions based on real-time traffic data.


Responders in the field are always connected and tracked using advanced telematics, mobile apps for Android & iOS, as well as web-based MDC/MDT features. These features allow agencies to improve officer safety and situational awareness. With Samsung’s DeX platform, you can even turn any response vehicle into a mobile command post.


Talk to us about your control room

We’re the official UK partner to RapidDeploy. We’d love to show you Nimbus CAD in action and talk to you about how it will revolutionise your control room.