Leveraging the benefits of the cloud in control rooms 

The cloud is changing how the world operates. It's presenting new challenges and delivering many benefits. How can we leverage its very best attributes in the mission-critical control room? Tune in for our Q&A with Mike Isherwood, Managing Director here at APD. 

What are the main benefits of using cloud-based control room systems?

ESN and LTE will create a host of opportunities for new features, enhancements and ways of working. Cloud gives us the opportunity to develop and deliver these new features at a fraction of the usual cost and keep ahead of technological changes and public demand.

Mike isherwood shares his thoughts on how the cloud can benefit the control room

Mike isherwood shares his thoughts on how the cloud can benefit the control room

  • Upgrades are free and automatic, removing the cost of maintenance

  • Minimal on premise equipment is needed, saving space and overhead resource

  • Complete flexibility with licencing to mirror the demands on the control room

What do organisations running control rooms need to consider when migrating over to a cloud-based system?

They need to think differently about how their control rooms operate. Control rooms today are based on a series of vertical applications. Instead, organisations that operate control rooms need to think horizontally – to consider what they want the technology to do, as opposed to what the technology is.

They need to think ‘these are the jobs my control room needs to do’ and task the technology organisations to help them to deliver those tasks in a more efficient and effective way.

Cloud-based technologies are effectively one solution, delivering efficient operational workflows for the entire control room, which your software supplier should be continually developing to meet public demand.

What plans do you have to develop cloud-based control room solutions?

We’re already doing it. We started in Sweden, where we developed and launched the world’s first hosted ICCS, at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. This supports the efficient running of the entire hospital operation all day, every day.

Our cloud-based control room solutions are entirely scalable, flexible and adaptable. They will be available to all mission-critical organisations through a private cloud that adheres to the most stringent standards for information security, including ISO 27001.

What are you doing to help improve interoperability and standardisation within the control room?

Our technology is wrapped in APIs, which means other organisations can interface with our platform through interoperability standards. Our technology talks to other technologies and other suppliers’ software talks to ours, in a standard way.

This means the customer is not held in a stranglehold by any supplier. It gives technical and procurement options. It empowers the customer.

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What is your key message to mission-critical organisations and technology providers facing these challenges?

I would like to issue an open call to customers and technology providers to talk to us about the control room in the cloud movement.

It’s there to be shaped by a community of technology providers and organisations in this space. It’s a collective effort – be part of it, don’t sit on the side-lines.

My message to customers is ‘tell us what you want to see’; to tech providers it’s ‘tell us how you can add to this opportunity’. Join in, speak to us, let’s collaborate!

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