Hosted technology shortlisted for International Critical Communications award

We've been shortlisted as a finalist with our hosted control room technology in the 'Best use of Control Room Systems' category, and our very own Ermin Huremovic is a finalist for the 'Young Engineer of the Year' at the prestigious International Critical Communications Awards. We'll attend the awards ceremony on 15 May 2018, which is taking place in Berlin, where the winner will be unveiled.

The Game Changer: Hosted ICCS Innovation

Judges were looking for performance, quality and innovation in various aspects of control room systems, including call-handling and dispatcher stations, software, call recording systems, database management and more. This award is about recognising the integral role control rooms and their associated equipment play in modern radio networks.


As such, our hosted ICCS (Integrated Communications Control System) - which represents a completely new technology - has struck a chord with the judges panel, having presented a solution that is significantly changing the way emergency services’ control rooms operate – for the better. 

The vision

Initially launched and live in Sweden, we developed this technology to support the operational and financial needs of emergency services’ control rooms across the UK. The vision was to create an ICCS that could be delivered using “software as a service” (SaaS) technology that, in contrast to the on-site equivalent, which uses a large server overhead, was highly cost-effective. This vision was ultimately about creating the control room of the future. 

Delivering customer benefits through innovation

What makes this technology so attuned to UK emergency services’ control rooms is its ability to deliver operational reliability at significantly lower cost than the equivalent on-site solution, which has been the go-to for twenty years. 


This innovation represents completely new territory, not just in the UK but internationally. With increasing pressure for emergency services’ organisations to uphold high standards in control room technology – especially with the transition to the Emergency Services Network, while driving year on year cost efficiencies, hosted ICCS technology is ingenious innovation.

Customers are extremely positive about this innovation, hailed as the control room of the future. 

A representative from Gwent Police commented, “A hosted control room solution has many benefits for us. First and foremost, it enables us to get access to the latest features and updates with minimal interruption to our local server rooms, as soon as they’re available. Choosing to host our control room is also reducing the complexity of our HQ relocation in the next two years.” 

He continues, “Using the cloud, we won’t need to move hardware, which is hugely beneficial in a critical communications environment.” 

Young Engineer of the Year

At the same event, Ermin Huremovic - APD Software Developer - is up for the 'Young Engineer of the Year' accolade, testimony to his impact on developing some of the world's most innovative critical communications technologies. 

Ermin Huremovic has been shortlisted for the young achiever of the year award 2018

Ermin Huremovic has been shortlisted for the young achiever of the year award 2018

At just 26, Ermin Huremovic has already proven himself as a gifted software specialist with outstanding talent, creativity and courage to drive forward the critical communications systems of the future. Since graduating in 2012 with a degree in Computer Science, Ermin has developed an impeccable software engineering skillset at APD Communications, where he has progressed from graduate to Senior Software Engineer in a remarkably short period, an achievement almost unheard of in this complex field.

At APD, Ermin works in a team developing technology for emergency services’ critical communications networks. Ermin specifically develops the hosted Cortex solution, a revolutionary control room ICCS - Integrated Communication Control System - that enables the emergency services to integrate communications in 999 situations at significantly reduced cost and with a host of additional operational benefits. 

Find out more

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