APD Artemis XDR crowned Best Hardware at Digital Awards 2017

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At an exclusive awards event held on 7 September in Hull - UK City of Culture 2017 - APD was crowned the winner of the Best Hardware with its fleet and telematics technology, Artemis. Sister product Cortex was also shortlisted as a finalist for the Best Emerging Technology prize, and APD as an organisation was named a finalist in the Best Global Reach category.

Best Hardware Award 2017: Artemis (APD Communications)

The judges were looking for evidence of creating novel devices of genuine utility or usability – hardware that supports clear impactful improvement in the lives or situations of its end users. 

Indeed, Artemis is the only technology of its kind built for the emergency services. Live in over 10,000 vehicles, it operates through just one clever piece of hardware – the XDR, which uniquely combines what would typically be three devices. Judges were thoroughly impressed by its ability to support in the provision of emergency response, ultimately ensuring efficient, continuous operation of services vital to public safety and security. Specifically, Artemis enables the emergency services to:

  • Integrate all vehicles with the control room for tracking/dispatching;
  • Integrate collision data for post-accident analysis;
  • Deliver efficient fleet management, targeted training and promote better driver behaviour

As an example, APD has supported Northamptonshire Police, having used Artemis since 2013 to enable their achievement of:

  • Reduced monthly fuel usage by over 3k gallons,
  • Reduced mileage by 17%, saving over £100k,
  • Reduced tyre replacement by 500 units annually – worth £48k.

Moreover, the crash investigation capability of the Artemis hardware is unrivalled and was acknowledged in the award win. The XDR - which sits in the vehicle - provides second-by-second breakdown of every journey, recording data up to 200 times/sec. Such granularity protects the forces and the public against fraudulent claims involving emergency vehicles and makes the XDR the leading crash analysis tool globally.

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