Giving you complete control

Whether it's bringing together all your separate communications systems with our Integrated Command and Control System (ICCS), Cortex, or taking back control of your fleet with our Fleet Management solution, Artemis, we have the technology to ensure you have everything you need to have complete control of your operations.


Cortex. All the ways you communicate. On one screen.

Cortex takes the focus away from technology and puts it where it should be - on your operation. Save you and your team time and effort dealing with different bits of hardware by bringing all your separate communication systems to one screen with Cortex.

Whether it's soldiers in the field needing to be put in touch with the Technical Operating Centre, or your colleagues at the Forward Operating Base requiring the location of those out in the field, Cortex has all the functionality you need.

It's also scalable to your needs and, with virtualisation, you can work from and with any location. Radio, voice and all other communications through Cortex are converted into IP ensuring you have interoperability when using IP telephones with other forces.


Artemis. Complete control of your fleet.

Our fleet management system is a secure solution to help you manage military assets. Artemis allows you to track vehicles in real time, as well as replay journeys, and provides you with management reports to help you get the most out of your fleet. Artemis can help you:

  • Save on fuel costs
  • Improve vehicle utilisation
  • Streamline communication