Terry Miller | Support and Pre-Sales Manager


‘‘Wow, looking back at my career at APD – it’s hard to believe that 15 years have passed so quickly yet my first day seems like a lifetime ago…but it was before a wife, two children and the dog …so it pretty much is.

I joined APD as a Support Quality Co-ordinator with great ambition to carve out a career in an industry that I was passionate about and had studied for three years at uni.

One of the first things I noticed about APD is the acceptance and encouragement the rest of the team offers; you really feel like part of the team from the minute you join – no matter what level of your career you enter at.

My responsibilities back then were 1st line support for customer support, admin duties and reporting, plus I trained to be an auditor – something that APD organised and paid for. This qualification allowed me to take on more tasks and broaden my skill sets very early on and something that in later years would help me secure a promotion.

Within 18 months of starting, I was promoted to Trainee Support Engineer and this is where my passion and drive to put the customer at the core of all decisions and processes was ignited. I frequently visited customers to find the root cause of any issues they might be experiencing. Being onsite with a customer gave me a better understanding of how crucial it is, that we deliver a great service – because if we don’t – the impact is much bigger than just us, it could be a matter of life and death.

The next eight years are filled with in-house promotions, SQL and server courses, PRINCE 2 training travelling up and down the UK to customer sites and leading a team of engineers.

Then back in 2017, changing course, a little, I became a Technical Consultant – a role that allowed me to focus on creating technical designs and solutions for customers. This was a different role to my previous, it’s a few stages ahead of the support positions I had been in but that’s what made me want it and helped push me to succeed in the role. I understood the impact the solutions would have within their environment - my attention to detail and accurate delivery of the solution would save time, resource and energy further down the line when the product is live and in life.

Throughout my career, I’ve constantly being trusted to make decisions and been respected for my knowledge and experience – which is down to the good management structure and ethos.

It’s only now in my current role as Support and Pre-sales Manager that I value that trust and freedom from a different angle – as I now instil that level of trust and confidence in the team I lead. The style of leadership throughout APD is hand off – to be there as a point of escalation but otherwise, allow each individual to grow, learn and rise to the challenge, this way we create a team that can step up to leadership roles and that can flourish in their field of expertise.”

If I was to say three things to my trainee self, 15 years it would be:

  1. If you put the effort in, you will be recognised and not overlooked or forgotten

  2. You will be included as part of the APD family from day one, something you will come to cherish over the years

  3. One day, you will be in a position to help, support and shape the careers of those around you – so keep being the best you can be and set the standard high

The work we do at APD challenges you to be better, better because the service we deliver is critical in saving lives.