Sue Lal | Business Development Manager


“I’ve known about APD for a long time from my previous IT industry roles and knew that the company continuously evolved and developed technology solutions that really made a difference within the public safety space. When I decided I needed my next new challenge, APD was the place for me. Why? It’s simple – I looked-for a new challenge with a meaningful purpose, and that is exactly what APD meant to me.

I have a wide network of contacts affording me the option of pursuing various avenues in search of a new challenge, however APD gave me that confidence that my contributions to the business will really matter and make a difference to our customers, business partners and those communities and users our solutions serve.

The difference my skill-sets, knowledge and experiences could make and understanding the impact my efforts have on the end result is what really appealed to me and still does.  

We don’t claim to be lifesavers – the emergency services workers are, the ones that give up their national holiday like Easter, Christmas, New Years Day, summer evenings, weekends, birthdays and other family events. Knowing that we help those unsung heroes do their jobs a little less stressful and more easily with our technologies is why I’m so enthusiastic about life at APD and continue to give it my all.

Over recent years, I have noticed the regeneration of APD and its exciting, a journey that we are still on and being a technology organisation are likely to always be on – as we innovate, develop and grow as a business. Working with a respected industry brand leader and to be involved in the international business growth plan that values my experience is important to me – growth for the business means continuous new opportunities and fresh challenges for me as a person, which keeps things interesting and continues to expand my skill-set and experience to new levels.       

Let’s talk about life at APD, the team is full of personality and character and the initiatives we get involved in are fantastic. We do lots for our customers, for the emergency services and charities – but we never forget or leave out the team behind the scenes – the APD family. From random acts of kindness, to team pizzas and employee of the months – we are constantly recognising and applaud the great work done here.

From day one, I knew APD was special because I rapidly felt I belonged – I was armed and ready to go with system access, equipment, tools and information I needed. Scheduled and prompt inductions, a fabulous welcome box and even my own personalised mug for my first cuppa Yorkshire tea!

The support I have been given is second to none, we lift each other up and help one another constantly. We are competitive, it’s the nature of our team roles but never at the detriment of each other which is pretty refreshing and creates an encouraging environment to work in.

The highlights of my time at APD so far are:

On top to my list has to be control room visits! I was told before I joined that every APD team member is scheduled to visit at least one emergency services operational control room but I hadn’t fully appreciated what that experience would mean. My first emergency services control room visit was a real eye opener and genuinely connected me to the importance and relevance of why we do what we do. Control room visits continue to give me a deeper understanding and enable me to see in action our software solutions and how our technologies benefit and support the users and communities being served.

Next highlight, making it easier for UK public sector customers to buy from APD. Leading the project to formalise our cloud-based solutions offering for procurement and supply via the G-Cloud framework was another milestone for the business. It was a significant time-consuming piece of work and a real team effort – those long days, and even longer nights were my first experience of how much the team really cares  about the work we do and why we continue to innovative and develop technology to improve operational processes for our growing customer base.

Finally, I’d have to say the responsibility and ownership of crafting a multi-tiered channel program and go to market plan with our highly talented marketing team for our international business growth plans is a real thrill for me! The energy, ideas and support from the senior management team is constant in enabling these growth plans. I’m already working with international partners taking our technologies into new customers and new market sectors across the world. It’s early days but have already clocked up a few air miles along with other sales, marketing, technical, support, project management and development colleagues to Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Croatia, Germany, UAE and parts of Asia to names a few destinations.”

If I had to sum up APD in 3 words, it would be challenging, rewarding and fun

And in a sentence, Why work at APD?

If you want a strong sense of purpose and aspire to make a difference in someone else’s life every day – APD is a place where we help you achieve your aspirations!