Keeley Barrick | Senior SQA Engineer


“My background was in solicitor’s software, but it never really meant anything to me personally. The fact that at APD I can be a part of making software that is used in critical situations gives me a real buzz, a sense of achievement and excites me.

Straightaway I felt at home here, the team are relatable and friendly. I was nervous at first and those first drives into work – on a new route in, in a new car parking space with a new desk felt a little overwhelming, but I soon became part of the team and feel that I belong at APD.

Fast forward a year, and I received my first promotion. My skills and experience were recognised and rewarded – its nice to be acknowledged and to be recognised as an asset to the team so quickly.

It’s that type of proactive culture that really sets APD above and beyond any other place I’ve worked. In a busy environment, which is deadline driven a lot of the time it would be easy to let the culture take a back seat and focus on the work but not here. It’s the little things we do that makes it special – we celebrate the wins, we pick people up on tough days, we grab a coffee when we’ve hit a milestone, we have health and well being weeks, mental health sessions, open forums with the management team who are really approachable….the list the goes on. That to me, is priceless!

I like to test, I like it to be perfect, I like it to be right…. that’s in my nature, that’s why I’m good at my job but working at APD has given me a whole new set of skills. I’ve learnt about radio, telephony and communications channels and how they integrate with software. My knowledge, understanding and admiration for the emergency services has quadrupled”

If I was to describe APD in 3 words, I’d say Caring, Focused and Motivated.

In one sentence, APD care about you, they look after you and help you grow in your career.