James Pickard | Lead Software Engineer

“I joined APD seven months ago as a Senior Software Engineer and made it clear in my interview that I had direction, I wanted to progress and to add to my skill set which is one of my main reasons for taking the leap and looking for a new job.
I am a firm believer that to learn and grow in your field of expertise’s, you need to experience a variety of different business domains and I had been in my previous job for six years so I wanted to pursue a new challenge

It was a risk as I had been in a job that I liked doing, had lots of business knowledge and I was going into a new field which would require me to start learning about a new business.  I decided to just go for it and take the leap, otherwise I may have ended up wondering ‘what if?’.

Another reason I was looking for a new role was location – I wanted to work in a city, I wanted that buzz and busyness that only comes from a city vibe. I thought my only options where Manchester or London but then I found APD.

I love coding, I always have – so whether that’s coding on new stuff or fixing and making old stuff better – I just love solving problems and making good solutions.

In my seven months here, I’ve said yes to every opportunity that’s arisen and have recently booked my SCRUM master level 2 training – which is something I’m looking forward to.

We follow the SCRUM framework because it allows us to be agile and react to changes quicker, which naturally gives our projects pace and energy.
It also gives all team members a voice, no matter how much experience you have, how long you’ve worked in the team – everyone has a voice and is listened to and heard.

As I reflect on my short time here, I’m proof that APD is a great place to learn and work alongside people who are as engaged as you. There’s lots of opportunity to re-write legacy code and make it better alongside learning new – so there’s something for everyone.”

If I was to describe APD in just three words – it would be professional | fun | cool