Declan Whiting | Software Engineer


“The job at APD was recommended to me by a friend, who spoke positively about the work and environment over here so once I’d finished my studies, it felt like a natural fit for me.

I’m a Software Engineer that is working on LTE, the Long-Term Evolution of the Emergency Services Network. I build client-side services from scratch, which will work and perform on the new network once it’s ready to be rolled out.

The fact that I am part of a team that is making great strides in providing such software is fantastic – from day one, it was clear that I was sat amongst absolute specialists. From the marketing teams to the software testers – everyone is on top of their game and that creates an environment in which you flourish and learn quickly.

One of the best things about the APD culture, is the investment made in you as an individual. I have recently started a PhD in The Safety and Security of Autonomous and Connected Systems which has been 100% backed by APD.  The business supports my studies in any way it can, and I get time off to attend lectures, which helps the PhD and full-time working juggle a little easier.

It’s that flexible approach to working life that makes us a little difference – we are trusted to get the job done, so whether that’s popping for coffee catch up or working from home when needed – we are treated like adults and we are all accountable, which creates a real sense on ownership.”

Put simply, APD is a place where your contribution can make a big difference - You are free to crack on and do what you do best!