Integrated Maritime Software  

Our Maritime software integrates with DSC Decoders and DSC Encoders allowing your control room to decode messages from vessels over the radio and display them in our integrated Communication control System, ICCS – Cortex.

We use digital selective calling or DSC which is a core part of the Global Maritime Distress Safety System so that messages can be read, acknowledged and replied to over MF/HF/VHF.  DSC is a standard for sending pre-defined digital messages via the medium frequency (MF), high frequency (HF) and very high frequency (VHF) maritime radio systems.

Additionally, distress calls from vessels activates an audible and visual alarm within the control room to authorised operators.

Once received, the operator can speak back to the vessel using voice over the radio through the Cortex user interface.



DSC Decoder

The DSC Decoder is used to convert the DSC audio signals from a radio receiver into a digital DSC message, its features include:

·         Can use existing or new radio receivers or transceivers

·         State of the art DSP signal processers

·         Can support MF, HF, VHF radios simultaneously

·         No limit to the number of decoders on a network

·         Internal memory to store messages in case of network failures

DSC Encoder

The DSC Encoder is used to convert the DSC messages from an operator into audio signals which are then sent to a transmitter. Through Cortex you can send:

  • Distress alert acknowledgement

  • Distress alert relay

  • All ship (urgent and safety)

  • Single Station

The encoder features include:

  • Can use existing or new transmitters or transceivers

  • Can queue messages for transmit if radio is busy

  • No limit to the number of encoders on a network

Robust Marine Software

Using Cortex and our integration with maritime software we are able to work with a range of systems – from legacy systems to new state of the art systems. 

With Cortex, you can bring together all your familiar hardware – radio, telephony, CCTV and talk groups onto one screen.

No hidden costs on top

Servers can be virtualised and hosted, and hardware costs are kept to a minimum, as it’s a software based ICCS, Integrated Communication Control Systems.

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