Update on the Emergency Services Network, Testing and Coverage | 29 November 2018

The project to create a £1.2bn 4G Emergency Services Network has been under way for three years, but has run into several delays. In this feature, we look at the latest updates in network testing, coverage and devices.


APD Communications is first to gain NATS accreditation for ESN | 13 April 2018

Cortex, our control room ICCS, has been accredited by the Network Approval Testing Service (NATS) and is the first to be officially certified to support the Emergency Services Network.


The challenges of reaching full 4G coverage for the Emergency Services Network | 30 April 2018

In this blog, we review the current status of 4G coverage and the challenges involved in deploying this network - even in the most difficult of geographic locations. 


Emergency Services Network update | 29 March 2018

There has been a number of updates in recent weeks on the status of the Emergency Services Network (ESN) both from parliament and at the recent BAPCO event. In this post we’ll take a look at recent announcements, both of the network itself and new device launches.


ESN devices update | 30 November 2017

In our latest ESN blog post we look at the recent news regarding Samsung being contracted to supply the UK emergency services with smartphones and other accessories, as well as examples of mobile devices and applications being tested by forces across the UK.


Coverage, availability and resilience | 30 October 2017

We surveyed the emergency services about ESN, and coverage, availability and resilience ranked as the most important aspects in the transition. In this post we’ll explore the current status of all three areas and give some industry insight as to the progress being made towards a fit for purpose ESN network.


ESN whitepaper: the results are in | 4 October 2017

During August and September of 2017, we surveyed the emergency services about various aspects of the transition to ESN. In this whitepaper, we've presented the results - download your copy below.