Across the board

Our products are used by a range of emergency service providers from fire and rescue, police forces and ambulance trusts. Whether it be Aspire, helping police on front counters provide an immediate resolution; Artemis helping Police get one of their vehicles to someone in need; or Cortex, helping the control room coordinate firefighters in an emergency. Our products are out there helping people make a real difference.

"Like other public organisations around the country, Northamptonshire Police has had to become more efficient, and hopefully thereby more effective, and the way we've looked at that particularly is with APD and with telematics"

- Adam Simmonds, Northamptonshire Police & Crime Commissioner

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Increasing efficiency following budget pressures

Northamptonshire Police began an ambitious transformation programme in order to meet savings targets. Part of that programme involved implementing innovation in the form of Artemis in order to help them improve efficiency across their fleet.