Robust and resilient  

Our award winning software makes a positive difference daily to emergency services throughout the UK and further afield is Europe and the Middle East. 

Built by an army of passionate software developers, we've developed and launched industry leading, mission critical software that really does save lives. 

Our ICCS, Integrated Communication Control System transforms control rooms by bringing together all the ways you communicate into one place - that's radio, CCTV, telephony, UHF, Tetra, Alarms, Text, Mobile and many more all appearing on the one screen. 

The power of having all communications instantly at your finger saves time, allows for quicker deployment and resource assigning - which ultimately helps reduce fatally numbers and improves response times. 

Artemis, our telematics and fleet management gives you the tools and tracking technology to help save on fuel and maintenance, improve vehicle utilisation and protects your drivers by obtaining immediate driver feedback and collision data. 


In this video Sam Sloan, Northamptonshire Police & Crime Commissioner, describes the benefits Northamptonshire Police have experienced from Artemis within the first year.

  • Millions of pound been saved and ploughed back into the front line
  • Improved fuel efficiency and economy
  • Safer communities
  • Protected drivers 

Giving a better service to the public by using Artemis throughout the fleet of vehicles. 

Like other public organisations around the country, Northamptonshire Police has had to become more efficient, and hopefully thereby more effective, and the way we’ve looked at that particularly is with APD and with telematics

— Adam Simmonds, Northamptonshire Police & Crime Commissioner
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Increasing efficiency following budget pressures

Northamptonshire Police began an ambitious transformation programme in order to meet savings targets. Part of that programme involved implementing innovation in the form of Artemis in order to help them improve efficiency across their fleet.