What is Cortex?

Cortex is our software-only Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS), helping you connect, collaborate and communicate when it matters most.

Used in over 70 control rooms around the world, Cortex enables rapid communication by bringing radio, telephony, CCTV, and more, together on one screen. In doing so, Cortex helps you do the things you do every day more easily and efficiently.



Easy to learn and use

Cortex saves you the time and effort of having to use separate systems by bringing all the ways you communicate together onto one screen. Reducing the training of new employees and reducing the risk of errors. 


No hidden costs on top

Cortex doesn't tie you down to any specialist hardware, which means there's no need to replace your existing investments. Cortex brings these investments together and amplifies them. Servers can be virtualised and hosted and hardware costs are kept to a minimum, as it's a software only solution.

This also means you can quickly hop onto any PC or tablet to help your colleagues or work from any location that has access to the internet. 


Make it suit you

Our customers love Cortex as the graphical user interface (GUI) can be completely designed around you and your organisation.

The GUI can be personalised based on role, location, accessibility or any other criteria you'd like to use. The colour schemes can also be changed to match your other applications to present a unified look and feel to call takers.

As part of our Cortex installation process we offer free GUI design consultancy to all of our customers, so that as a team we get it right, first time.