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We’re APD Communications - a forward-thinking company that creates innovative communications platforms for control rooms around the world.

We develop some of the most critical software and infrastructure for emergency services organisations, as well as the transport and aviation sectors. You’ll find APD technology at the heart of both the London Underground and Gatwick Airport. Further afield, we’re in Sweden, Ireland and Iceland and we keep the world’s busiest international passenger airport connected – Dubai Airport.

We operate as a business unit within Northgate Public Services, a wholly owned NEC Corporation subsidiary, as part of the NPS Safety Division - and we have operations around the world.

You can join us in our journey as a channel partner.

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What makes us different?

Cutting-edge technology

Our solutions are innovative. We’re taking the control room into the future with our Cloud Control Room platform, and we’re helping our customers get to know theirs with our inteligent CRM technology.

Operating worldwide

Our customers are all over the world - and so are our colleagues. When you become in in-country channel partner with us, you join the bigger group of expertise and resource.

Perfect partnership

We’re passionate about supporting our people - and that includes our channel partners. We’ll introduce you to our products and show you what makes them special - ready for you to take to your own customers.

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