Aspire and North Yorkshire Police

In March 2014, North Yorkshire Police (NYP) made the decision to extend the use of Aspire, which had been previously utilised in the Force Control Room, across all Front Counters in their force area. The decision was taken after a successful trial at the end of 2013 where Aspire was installed in two Front Counters (York & Scarborough).

The main aim and objective of the roll our was to more fully support Front Counter staff in providing an improved customer service when a member of the public presents themselves at a Police Station Front Counter. By providing the Front Counter staff with an appropriate mechanism for capturing/recording customer details and requests for service it makes it possible for the organisation to provide a tailored, co-ordinated response to customer enquiries; working closely with colleagues within the Force Control Room and Uniformed Operations.


  • The increased knowledge of a customer's profile available through Aspire is leading to an improved customer experience, increased speed of service and a more informed and customer-focused response to enquiries.

  • The communication and relationship between the Front Counter teams and the Force Control Room has improved, with incidents now largely being recorded in a timely fashion and allocated accordingly and our customers are being kept up to date throughout the process.

  • The input speed withing the Front Counter teams has improved, double-keying of incident reports has stopped and access to a summary of a customer's previous contacts has proven invaluable.

Download the full case study here.