Artemis and UKCloud

APD developed Artemis to help police forces manage their vehicle fleets more efficiently, and monitor and improve driver behaviour. As well as lowering the risk of accidents and vehicle damage, better driving also reduces fuel consumption, enabling a police force to cut costs. In addition, data about driver behaviour can be integrated into driver training programmes to tackle specific issues and raise overall driving standards, service intervals and scheduling.

Forces that implement Artemis can make better use of their resources, and so serve citizens more effectively. The solution allows the control room to see in real time, on a map or screen, where vehicles and drivers are, so that controllers can send the most appropriate resources to attend incidents. The control room can even use Artemis to send silent messages to satnavs to direct drivers to incidents without voice calls over the radio system.

Data about the location and movement of vehicles can also be analysed and used by Professional Standards teams to protect officers from fraudulent claims by the public. In the absence of clear evidence, police forces have often tended to make payouts to avoid the hassle of the small claims court.

“Those payouts could easily amount to £1 million a year. With Artemis, they don’t have to spend that money any more. Artemis data shows where drivers and vehicles were at any given time, providing the evidence to exonerate — or support the prosecution of — a police driver.”
Mike Isherwood, Managing Director of APD

Cloud hosting cuts time to value

Data and messages are sent to and from an Artemis box installed in each police car or other vehicle. The boxes communicate with a back-end system, which previously had to be deployed on hardware installed and managed by the police force itself. Using dedicated on-premises hardware is still an option, but forces now overwhelmingly choose to take Artemis delivered as a service, hosted on the UKCloud platform.

Specifying, procuring and installing onsite hardware takes time and effort. “With the hosted solution, procurement is much faster, so a police force — and the citizens it serves — will start enjoying the operational benefits much quicker,” says Isherwood. “What’s more, they’ll never have to maintain, manage or upgrade hardware, as UKCloud takes care of the infrastructure.”

“The UKCloud-hosted Artemis solution is quick to procure and deploy, and comes with security and scalability built in. Police forces can start saving money and delivering better service to citizens much faster than ever before.” Mike Isherwood, Managing Director of APD

As soon as the first Artemis box is installed in the first vehicle, data starts flowing and the control room can see it on the map. Full implementation typically takes a few months, rather than a year or more. “We estimate that each month not using Artemis costs the purchasing police force £39 per vehicle,” says Isherwood. “Looking at it like that makes the maths easy, and the case for the hosted option becomes obvious.”

A safe, secure cloud for sensitive data

Rapid go-live isn’t the only thing to care about, however: the security of the driver data collected by Artemis is naturally top of mind for any police force. The UKCloud-hosted Artemis service provides peace of mind on that score, as Isherwood explains:

“With UKCloud we’ve gone to market with a UK-sovereign cloud services provider that’s recognised in the police market. Security is packaged in: UKCloud has all the security credentials and capabilities we — and our police customers — need, in order to feel confident about moving services away from a police environment and into the cloud,” he says.

As well as being optimised for OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE) — it previously met the IL2 and IL3 security levels that are still key police service requirements — the UKCloud platform is a verified Police Approved Secure Facility.

“UKCloud backs it all up with extensive in-house security expertise and a credible body of security evidence,” says Isherwood.

“The UKCloud-hosted Artemis solution is quick to procure and deploy, and comes with security and scalability built in. Police forces can start saving money and delivering better service to citizens much faster than ever before.”

New features made available across the board

Not only does the UKCloud-hosted Artemis solution enable faster time to value for police forces, it also makes it quicker and easier for APD to update the solution. Instead of visiting individual customers in turn to update their on-premises software, APD simply updates the software centrally on the UKCloud platform.

“We save time and effort, and our customers benefit from having access to new features immediately,” says Isherwood. “We’re keen to extend these and all the other advantages of the hosted solution to our existing customers, by helping them migrate from on-premises Artemis solutions to the secure UKCloud platform.”

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