Northamptonshire Police and Artemis

Austerity measures continue to hit public sector services.

Police forces across the country are undertaking cost cutting exercises. They link to business change, re-shaping key processes and structures. And this is all in an effort to increase efficiencies against the backdrop of shrinking budgets. According to HMIC back in July 2012:

“The challenge for Police Forces and Police Authorities isn’t just to balance the books, but to transform the way they deliver policing and make it more efficient, so that the public can continue to receive improving services”.

Northamptonshire Police: Transformation Programme

Northamptonshire Police had to cut its budget by £17 million by 2015. A further £23 million saving was needed by 2017. The Force have had to look hard at its operations with an ambitious transformation programme underway.

Northamptonshire Police is at the forefront of innovation. They embrace new technology which promises savings and efficiencies.

Artemis has already delivered impressively, saving the Force £238,000 in fuel and accidents alone. This is £100,000 more than they had expected. Artemis will contribute over £1 million towards the five-year £23 million savings requirement.


The Solution: Artemis

Artemis uses state-of-the-art vehicle telemetry to provide vehicle location information and monitor vehicle attributes. The data is used to provide simple and effective feedback to the driver, as well as back to Artemis central servers.

Users benefit from a comprehensive set of reports detailing driver behaviour and utilisation of vehicles. Artemis also has the ability to link into Force Business Intelligence, Control Room and Fleet Management Systems. Artemis is designed to deliver the following benefits. 

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Cost reductions through:

  • Reduced fuel usage

  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear

  • Optimal servicing intervals

  • Fewer collisions

  • Reduced legal costs

Improved efficiencies through:

  • Improved response times

  • Better utilisation and availability

  • Improved driver behaviour


  • Improved safety

  • Officer protection


Benefits Realisation

Fuel Consumption

Artemis has helped Northamptonshire Police continuously improve their mpg with a 16% increase compared to the baseline figure in 2013/13.

Mileage Reduction

Artemis has helped  Northamptonshire Police clock-up 800,000 fewer miles than their baseline figure.

Artemis dash.png

Fuel Usage

With Artemis in place, Northamptonshire Police is now using approximately 3,000 gallons a month less than their original baseline figure.


Artemis continues to help Northamptonshire Police achieve their target of accident reduction.

Maintenance and Servicing

Against their baseline, Northamptonshire Police has reduced tyre usage and replacement by over five hundred tyres per year - saving approximately £50,000 annually!

Management Reporting

The integration of Artemis data with other force data through a Business Objects interface enables effective supervision of driver behaviour and utilisation.

Reducing Bureaucracy

Automated Driver ID and mileage readings remove the need to manually complete paper log books. They’ve been removed from the vehicles altogether.

Vehicle Utilisation

For the first time, the Force has an accurate database of resource utilisation allowing optimum utilisation across the county.

Future Plans

Installation of IDR will remove the need for separate incident data recorders and provide better information for collision investigators.

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