Dubai International Airport and Cortex

At the heart of two control centres, Dubai International Airport have chosen APD’s Cortex system. The Emirates Group, which includes one of the world’s major airlines relies on the Integrated Communications Control System. It enables the control room operators to manage all radio,telephone, intercom and web services. Not to mention linking 6,500 ground staff throughout the airport.

Using Cortex

The primary system integrates to the dnata Operations Control Centre. dnata are critical to operations at Dubai International Airport. An Emirates Group company, dnata are responsible for all ground handling facilities.

And Cortex provides 30 control room operators with access to integrated communications. So they can use telephone, radio (both VHF and TETRA) and intercom. All through a touchscreen interface. This is so they are able manage and route calls to ground personnel wherever they are in the airport.

Loading passenger luggage, transporting people to a plane, or carrying out aircraft technical support services. Engineers, baggage handlers, refuellers all have critical roles. And none of them want to cause any delays. Cortex allows control room staff to dispatch teams immediately. And it bases it on their current locations rather than how close they are to the main hangar.

And the ground staff are fully prepared. Cortex gives them real time updates on incoming aircraft and their maintenance needs. This helps reduce the amount of time aircraft are out of service. Not to mention minimising delays for customers.

A second system is used across 90 positions in the Emirates National Control Centre (NCC). Cortex is used to control all flight logistics. This includes the aircraft and crew of the Emirates fleet. When deployed, staff can use a wide range of intercom systems that span the entire airport. And that means dnata don’t incur mobile phone charges. There were no expensive upgrades with Cortex. It is compatible with the existing airport EADS TETRA network and VHF.

The control system contacts the aircraft on its final approach to prepare those under the wing. Over 77 million passengers travelled through Dubai International Airport in 2015. That’s a massive footfall. It is our expertise in the Middle East travel market that enabled us to deploy such a communication system.

Cortex is the perfect platform to consolidate existing communication systems. It gives staff access to the latest information. This helps improve accuracy and productivity as well as reduce the amount of delays.

“APD’s Cortex system will become a key part of our communication infrastructure. Working with APD will allow us to further streamline out processes, while offering customers and our airline partners the very best service possible.

The flexibility of Cortex will allow us to cost effectively leverage our existing infrastructure whilst meeting our needs today and in the future. We anticipate this agreement will be the beginning of a successful long-term relationship between the Emirates Group and APD”.

Jon Conway, Digital Senior Vice President Airport Operations

What Emirates Group will benefit from:

  • Improved communications, with integration of disparate telephony and radio technologies

  • More efficient routing of calls directly to the operator’s touchscreen

  • Improved incident management

  • Scalability & flexibility with a fully future-proofedinvestment

  • Higher quality of management information

  • Integration of other APD products such as Artemis providing complete incident management

  • The ability to expand into or integrate with full Emergency and Crisis Management Systems

  • Mission critical levels of availability with proven resilience

  • Reduced operational costs