What is computer-aided dispatch?

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Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) is a system for dispatching resources. It enables operators in the control room to view, allocate and track the status of every resource in the zone they are monitoring, which ultimately helps in the management of all support requests efficiently and effectively.

CAD systems facilitate call input, dispatching, status, as well as housing event notes, field unit status and tracking. They also support the control and use of analogue radio and telephone equipment, as well as logger-recorder functions. A CAD enables control room dispatchers to:

  • Record availability of field personnel

  • Generate and archive incidents raised by the public or first responders

  • Allocate field personnel to incidents

  • Update incidents as they unfold

  • Create case numbers

  • Timestamp actions

We work with trusted partners to deliver an end-to-end communications solution for your control room.


SmartSTORM by Sopra Steria | On-premise CAD solution

STORM is a reliable and resilient support infrastructure that manages interaction with the public, logs calls, allocates the appropriate level of response and makes sure that those on the frontline have access to the information they need when responding to emergency calls.

  • On-premise solution and market leader in the UK police market

  • Database access including person, vehicle and officer diaries

  • Configurable with flexible licensing

  • Mobile access to incident information in the field

  • Integration with vehicle navigation

  • Integration with contact management solutions for joined-up handling of citizen interactions

  • Integration with ICCS and CRM solutions for the control room


RapidDeploy | Cloud-based CAD solution

RapidDeploy is an innovative cloud-based CAD platform, designed by first responders. Built in the cloud, it uses the very latest technologies to support emergency dispatch.

  • Cloud-based solution - setting the new standard in mission-critical dispatch

  • Intelligent call capture through precise address location and in-built language translator

  • Bulk dispatch with multi-agency drag and drop

  • Integrated vehicle and responder tracking and route optimisation to get there faster

  • Incident lifecycle management from creation, to dispatch and reporting

  • Mobile field service apps with AI, licence plate scanning, scene photos and more

  • Event scheduling to build preparedness

We can deliver an end-to-end communications solution for your control room

Our solutions are fully-compatible with a range of computer-aided dispatch systems. When you choose to work with us, we’ll manage your end-to-end control room communications suite - from call-taking, to dispatch and beyond.

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