Future of telematics: control room integration with ESN

Firstly, what is the Emergency Services Network (ESN)? ESN is the new service the government has chosen to replace the current emergency services' network (provided by Airwave). ESN will allow for better mobile-data capability than Airwave, as well as saving money through utilising an existing 4G commercial network.

So what has ESN got to do with telematics?

A lot of people don't associate ESN with telematics. That is a misconception.

I was in a police force recently where a young girl threatened to commit suicide. Police were dispatched to the location incredibly quickly as the force knew where their resources were, including radios, and dispatched officers on foot as well as vehicles. Thankfully the girl was found safe, but that was all made possible by integrating telematics into a control room.

All vehicles now have lots of SIMs inside and when you have three, four or five different SIMs, all with different technologies, there is a chance to consolidate all of those things over a mobile network.

Currently, we have in-vehicle video, the usual mapping and SAT-Nav integration. This all goes over the mobile TETRA network just as it did with the TETRA network. However, now there is the chance to take the SIM cards from other devices, and save money whilst doing it, and send all of this over the ESN network and achieve integration into the control room.

Control rooms today manage vehicle interactions by sending information, for example through a Command Control system, to a satellite navigation system to dispatch people on 999 calls. They're aware of where the nearest resource is because of the in-vehicle equipment sending information back, not just to the Fleet Manager, but also to the control room. With the vehicle and radio location they can get the nearest resource to the emergency they need to attend.

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