The APD Community goes live

On 19 July, we launched the new APD Community, our online customer portal.

What is the APD Community?

The community has been launched to provide: better and quicker communications, encourage collaboration amongst our customers and to also provide an easy platform to raise, update and check on support cases.

The first phase of the APD Community focuses on the control room, specifically ESN and Cortex and was built in conjunction with customer feedback at the recent Cortex User Group.

The APD Community has close to 100 users registered from police and fire forces across the UK and provides a secure portal where they can talk in confidence and collaborate across similar products.

The Community hosts discussion boards around the hottest topics and allows both ourselves and users to ask questions, share documents and post updates. Subjects so far include:

  • Emergency Services Network (ESN)
  • ESMCP specific boards
  • Comms Corner
  • Control Projects – lessons learned
  • Ideas boards
  • User Group and Event information
  • Call takers and dispatcher specific groups

What’s next?

The July launch was the first phase in building the Community with desires to build a partner site and also Telematics and Coordinator. It is really important that we get the setup, topics and configuration right for our customers, and the Artemis and Co-ordinator Community will be built in the coming months following feedback from the September User Group.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at