Cloud solutions: more affordable, reliable and secure

With the UK Government’s Cloud First policy it’s time to start moving your control room solutions to the cloud. But what will you get out of it other than compliance? And what about data security?

Increased budget constraints, cost cutting, and buyer scrutiny, are making the cost and time to a return on investment more important than ever. That’s where cloud hosted solutions come in. They can be up and running sooner, cheaper to run and manage, and simpler to procure.

98% of security experts believe that the cloud-based internet security platforms can provide better security, at a lower cost, than a local network.
Zscaler 2015

But what about security? Security concerns are the leading reason IT professionals cite for not implementing cloud solutions. But with the right cloud provider and solution provider the cloud provides better security than the traditional local network model.

Better security

Cloud computing companies can’t afford to fail. Security is their number one priority. By using and accredited in-country cloud provider and by procuring solutions that are designed with security as a primary concern, it is likely that your data will be more secure than ever before.

So what will you gain from moving your ICCS and fleet telematics solutions to the cloud?

Lower procurement costs and reduced time to benefit

Cloud solutions do not require large capital expenditure or complicated on-site installation and configuration. You can start realising the benefits earlier in the project, for much less, and with no additional IT team support. You can also trial solutions with little or no overhead.


“Deploying hosted applications enables us to focus on our operational responsibilities and delivering the benefits. APD take care of the installation, configuration, and management of the application, as well as the infrastructure hosting it.”
-Sam Sloan, Head of Chiltern Transport Consortium.


Reduced hardware and maintenance costs

You will no longer have to procure, maintain, upgrade, license, or monitor the hardware, freeing up your IT department’s time and saving you money.

Remote monitoring and management

With the ability to constantly monitor the health of your system, your provider can quickly fix issues and improve performance.

Improved cost visibility

With hardware, software, and support paid for by subscription you can see the real cost of the solution and make more informed decisions.

More buy-in

New systems can be a major headache for your IT and network staff, creating obstacles to deployment. With cloud-hosted solutions, most of these obstacles are removed.

Scalability and flexibility

Cloud-based systems can scale easily to meet your needs. There is no need to procure new equipment or licenses, or to hire more IT staff.

Sharing and collaboration

By using a common platform, it is much easier for you to collaborate and share data.

Faster upgrades and automatic updates

No need to wait for a site visit to get upgrades or patches and your cloud provider is much more likely to be faster at managing and preventing external threats.


Isn’t it time you embraced the cloud?

With increasing pressure on emergency services' budgets, and the general public demanding a higher level of care in their communities, it’s time to re-think control room solutions. We need to look at new ways to deliver the same efficient and effective response, smarter. That's why we've developed our hosted control room solution.