Seven benefits you will get from your telematics solution

Given the advances in technology and data capabilities, it is no surprise that Emergency Services are taking advantage of the improved capabilities of telematics.

So how will these capabilities benefit your fleet?

1. Staff Safety

Your colleagues aren’t always in a vehicle. When they’re on foot, if you don’t know their exact location, you’re putting them at risk. By tracking radios, the Control Room know where to send backup should they ever need it.

2. Keep the Public Safe

Sending a relevant resource to an incident could be a matter of life or death. So your Control Room should be able to see all available resources in front of them. You should also be able to send incidents directly to the Sat Nav and prioritise them in order of urgency.

3. Improve Visibility

The public want to see uniforms. When you can optimise resources and monitor utilisation, you can have more staff in the public eye. The public’s confidence increases and you don’t have resources out of action because they are bungeeing to and from the station.

4. Protect Your Front Line

Your colleagues are put into situations where they must make the “right” decision. But the public can be quick to judge. You’ll be equipped with the information that protects your colleagues from any complaints received.

5. Reduce Driving Risk

Everyone has bad driving habits. Speeding, braking or accelerating harshly. Going around corners too quick. Maybe they hit things when reversing. Driver Training should be able to identify those traits and put into place, personalised training to reduce risk.

6. Quicker Collision Investigations

It happens. Your vehicles are involved in collisions. And when they are, you want to get the roads open as quick as you can. Time is money and your vehicle telemetry should be detailed enough that you can make a judgement on exactly what happened and get people back on their way ASAP.

7. Maintaining Your Front Line

When telematics helps make day-to-day operations more effective and efficient, the cost of operations is reduced. This means you don’t lose front line staff and the public remain protected.


Looking at these benefits it doesn't take long to realise that a telematics solution will quickly pay for itself.