Join us at BAPCO 2019

We are thrilled to be at the BAPCO annual event again this year, as a business APD Communications are heavily invested in improving public safety through technology which encompasses BAPCO’s ethos. With Mike Isherwood, our MD sitting on the Small Business Board for BAPCO and Rio our Commercial Director on the Executive Committee, it’s something that is really close to our hearts. We look forward to seeing and catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones too.”

We’ll be doing live demos of our on-premise and hosted ICCS, CRM and CAD solutions. Plus, Mike will be delivering a session around managing demand and how we make the most of the opportunities it presents.


Session summary

Managing demand in public safety control rooms

Managing control room demand is one of the biggest operational challenges faced by the emergency services. But what that pattern of demand looks like will be different for every service – we take a look at the challenges and opportunities.

Key learning points:

  • Gain insight into the key trends and pressures facing control rooms from increasing demand

  • Learn what tools control rooms can use to tackle the increasing demand and optimise the funnel

  • Understanding of the profile and granularity of the demand, which enables you to combat certain aspects of demand or utilises existing services better, based on actual insight and forecasting

  • How ESN will impact the demand

As technologist, we embed ourselves into the data, analysing the trends, the spikes, the dips, the channels used, the response time, dispatch difficulties and build dynamic solutions based on this information and would be honoured to share some of this insight with you at BAPCO 2019.