What is Aspire?

Aspire is our contact management solution designed to help your call operators identify and protect vulnerable people. It's a software solution that can be easily installed to work alongside your existing command and control applications. 

Aspire helps your call operators become the new front line, helping to conserve resources and resolve incidents quickly.

Quick Case Resolution

Aspire gives your call operators the information they need to make better decisions. Your call operators help handle 82 million calls a year. But do you know how many of them are repeat callers?

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Aspire's telephony integration automatically checks the caller ID for a contact history and retrieves caller information. 
Operators are also alerted when the public meet certain criteria, including:

  • Vulnerable persons
  • Anti-social behaviour victims
  • Repeat callers
  • Nuisance/hoax callers
  • Mental health sufferers
  • Registered helpers
  • Crime record management entries

Aspire also enables you to share contact history with other agencies so that together you're all better informed. Smart phonetic algorithms are used to ensure contacts aren't duplicated whilst increasing contact matches with other systems like Niche RMS. And it avoids double-keying.

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Awareness offers great peace of mind

Having the necessary information and being able to deliver a personal experience increases satisfaction and peace of mind.

For instance, how many times are you able to identify people linked to repeat victims? With Aspire you can form association charts that highlight the relationships between callers, alert linked people and highlight information to partner services.

Detailed Performance Reports

Aspire can feed information into management reporting systems to give you detailed performance reports. Good customer service practices can be shared by community representatives or through the force website. Voice traffic and associated Aspire screens can also be stored for auditing, training and complaint resolution.