What is Artemis?

Artemis is our telematic and fleet management solution that helps manage fleet vehicles  better by providing a range of up-to-date information on vehicles and drivers, along with a variety of tools and features to ensure the performance of the fleet is being full optimised. 

It works quietly in the background to deliver benefits such as fuel and maintenance savings, improving vehicle utilisation all whilst protecting drivers  


Artemis map monitor.png

Dispatch the right resource 

Artemis helps you get the right resource to the right place at the right time. You can see all your resources in the Control Room and dispatch the best asset to the incident via SatNav.

This helps with resourcing, reducing response times and means the right vehicle responds.  


Improve driver behaviour

We understand how delicate discussing someone's driving behaviour can be. Artemis' immediate driver feedback button removes the fuss and confrontation. The button is placed within the vehicle and will display green, amber or red based on driver's behaviour with regards to speed, braking and cornering.

Using I.D cards Artemis recognises who the driver is and automatically places the information against the correct driver - completely eradicating any manual sign in or logging off system to obtain driver information. 
It tracks who, how long and how well a driver is using the vehicle, at all times. 

The customisation dashboard contains insight and data instantly without the need to run a report. 

Protect your front line

We understand the scrutiny your colleagues are under is immense and sometimes the public can be quick to judge. 
Our XDR box, sits within the vehicle and quietly works in the background, it measures and stores information at up to 200 times a second and is capable of gathering the most complex vehicle data from OBDII. VSCAN, J1939, GSM/GPRS, on-board accelerometers and physical inputs. 

Artemis almost flags which vehicles are not being used to their capacity which helps in resourcing, transferring vehicles to support other teams and reduces vehicle replacement capital expenditure. 

Make significant fuel savings

Artemis can helps significantly reduce fuel costs through better utilisation of the fleet. Northamptonshire Police chose Artemis to help them reduce fleet costs through fuel efficiency. Once installed, they were able to reduce their fuel bill by 17% over a year, which is worth approximately £175,000.

Savings on this scale make a real positive difference to the bottom line and overall budget requirement.

The future of crash investigation

Artemis gives collision investigators the full tools needed to investigate hard and soft collisions with a fully comprehensive Incident Data Recorder (IDR), as well as a Journey Data Recorder (JDR). 

The Journey Data Recorder, combined with Incident Data Recorder gives Crash Investigators context for the period leading up to the incident, as well as the 45 second period of the incident itself. It's the level of functionality and detail which we believe makes Artemis the world's leading crash analysis tool 

Artemis CDA provides complex numerical analysis as well as visualisation tools to understand the vehicles' motion.